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Episode 50: Building Relationships & Teams with Dr. Heather Williamson

In this episode we get clinical advice from a true professional, as Dr. Heather Williamson explains how to build lasting relationships and develop industry leading teams. We talk about the key elements of building important relationships that can weather the storm and also what enables people to “lead” others and gain their respect.  This is a great show for anyone that works with clients or leads a sales team.   Enjoy the show.

Episode 49: Why Leaders Succeed with Jeremy Torisk

In this episode we talk to self made entrepreneur Jeremy Torisk who started out digging pits for a local cable company, to executive management. He give insight into the common habits that are found in strong productive employees and managers, as well as what it was like starting from below the ground floor and working his way up.  Great show with excellent insight.


Torisk Pro Advisors

Episode 48: Covid’s Effect on Retail and Office Space with Russell Hughes

The Covid curveballs effects on commercial real estate is analyzed in this session with commercial powerhouse Russell Hughes. We discuss the current and possible long term effects that social distancing and working from home has had on commercial retail and office space. Lots of insight into the commercial sectors from California to North Carolina and everywhere between.  Enjoy the discussion.

Episode 47: High Times in Western Oklahoma with Payton Hamm

Western Oklahoma is on a roll right now with the recent legalization of marijuana.  Farm and land prices have been driven significantly upward with this emerging market and one of the well training land use experts (Payton Hamm) from Elk City, Oklahoma joins us on the show.  Payton offers great insight on market growth, permit and licensing statistics, as well as some in-depth knowledge around water, electricity and other factors that big money investors are searching for.  Don’t miss this episode.


Payton Hamm

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority


Episode 46: Cop Turned Realtor Shares Secrets to Success

We are joined in our studio by former police officer Ian Goodyear, as he tells us how he has become so successful in his new Realtor career. Lots of great content and insight into the issues faced by our countries law enforcement, as well as start up real estate techniques that work well for new agents.

We also play the wild statistics game between Ian and Trina, to see if he can take the crown away from her…  You may be surprised how this turns out.

Ian Goodyear: bio and contact

Weird Statistical Data