Monthly Archives: July 2024

Episode 104: Equipment Auction Market Update and Using AuctionTime

We are joined by Mitch Helman from AuctionTime as he gives us an equipment market update.  We also discuss the advantages of using AuctionTime as an online equipment auction tool, when combined with all of the external services they provide like (trucking & shipping, equipment financing, and fleet evaluator).  These services offer auctioneers a much more broad scope of services that can be presented to their sellers and buyers at auction.  Another great episode with Mitch Helman as he outlines the important facets of Sandhills and AuctionTime.

Episode 103: How to tell if you have old oil wells under your property

We are joined in the studio by Blake Scott as he discusses a great program called WellFacts Reports.  These reports can inform property owners of historic oil and gas wells that were drilled, plugged, and are no longer visible to the public, that may be lying under your home, building or vacant land. Blake guides us through the conception of the WellFacts program and how it is helping property owners with discovery information, piece of mind and the security of knowing what may be potentially leaking into your soil.  Enjoy the show..

WellFacts Reports