Monthly Archives: May 2021

Episode 52: Investing in Notes with Martin Saenz

Have you ever wondered why investors purchasers defaulted bank mortgage notes and capitalize on this opportunity, then this show was built for you.  Martin Saenz has been working in this industry for many years and offers deep insight into Note Investing as well as the pro’s and con’s of the business model.  Martin has also written several books including his latest book, “Cash Flow DoJo”.

Book: Cash Flow Dojo

Website:  Note Investing Made Easier

Episode 51: Becoming an Auctioneer with Leroy Hendren

Veteran auctioneer and retired Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Leroy Hendren tells us his story of becoming an auctioneer.  We also discuss how the auction business has evolved and the current methods that seem to be working best in the marketplace.  This is a great episode with a legacy guy at the helm, so enjoy the show.