Monthly Archives: February 2021

Episode 44: What in the Housing Market is Going On Right Now…!

We have not seen a housing market like this since 2007 and it is incredibly tough to purchase a home right now.  If your a first time buyer or do not a significant amount of cash to put down, good luck….!

Joining us in the studio is marketing guru Josh Sukraw with United Country Real Estate, with his experiences on trying to purchase a home right now.  He is a great guy but he got pummeled by Trina in the Trivia Games…

Episode 43: Real Estate Marketing with Sophia Chavez-Barroso of Enhanced Marketing Solutions

Real Estate marketing is challenging and can make the difference between a successful sale or auction, and not getting the property sold. We are joined in the studio by Sofia Chavez-Barroso who leads the Kansas City based real estate marketing company Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS).  She brings us some great insights into current trends, using key words and phrases to capture more attention and we break down some of the marketing elements into what works and what doesn’t.

Enhanced Marketing Solutions